California dreaming for local band

Euphoria Audio

Ben Hughes of pop band, Euphoria Audio, stopped by the Express office to tell us how he and his bandmates have been recording their album in the Hollywood hills at the home of former Guns ‘n Roses drummer, Matt Sorum.

In addition to holding Slash’s guitar on the sly (“he left it there”) the four Yorkshire lads have also taken to hanging out at rooftop parties and playing on stages once owned by Johnny Depp.

Ben, 26, said: “We’ve been in the studio for six weeks recording, doing photo shoots, interviews etc. We went to Matt [Sorum’s] house and recorded the demos. He’s a super cool guy, really nice.

“We got four tracks down so the first half of the album is done. They’ve got a more distinct American sound, more like the band Three Doors Down.

“We try to be quite accessible, we want to make music people want to listen to. It’s quite radio friendly but moshy enough to appeal to rock fans too.”

It’s all in a year’s work for the unsigned rock band, who came together seven years ago when bassist Ben, singer Matthew Shirtliff, guitarist Ben Lloyd and former drummer Daniel Wood met at Wakefield College.

They continued to make music throughout university and after a small line-up change to include Ben’s younger brother Josh on drums, the Featherstone band have spent months slaving away in studios literally all over the world.

Their stint in the Sunshine State came as a result of four tracks they recorded in Norway last year, which sparked the interest of record industry giants, Atlantic and Sony.

Taking the advice of those behind big name successes like Korn and Linkin Park, Euphoria Audio sought inspiration in the sun and began recording their album stateside, tying in a number of gigs at venues like the House of Blues and The Viper Room, formerly owned by Johnny Depp.

Ben, of Willow Lane, said: “Motley Crue still play [at Viper], so that was really cool, and it was nice to see people dancing.

“There was round about a hundred girls swarming the stage after the gig trying to get some free CDs, it was a bit frantic. When it’s over you think, ‘this is creepy…’ but it’s good.”

Euphoria Audio may be playing hip Californian clubs but Ben still hopes to squeeze in a number of gigs on home turf.

“We are in the process of booking some home town gigs, You always get a good reaction at home, so we might be booking a venue in Wakefield like The Hop.

“But the next thing for us is maybe being put on in New York for a showcase and one in London. We’re hoping to do some festivals in the UK, we would like to do Leeds, Reading, Glastonbury, Download.

“I don’t know how we would go down at Download but I think we would do alright. We’re not soft enough to get bottles thrown at us.”

With publishers nipping at their heels, the band is hoping to have some of their tracks picked up for TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and film soundtracks.

There is even the rumour that a certain vampire franchise is showing an interest in a Euphoria Audio track.

“We have got a lot of publishers interested at the moment,” said Ben, “There was even talk about putting one on the next Twilight movie, but we’ll see.

“There’s lots of stuff on the cards. We expect next year to be our year in terms of where we want to go.”