Interviewing from the patch: Internet Forever

Internet Forever

A FERRYBRIDGE musician is causing waves in the indie-pop world with his cyber-based band, Internet Forever. 

Craig Nunn, a former Knottingley High School student, is currently on Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephen’s playlist, has enjoyed stints on BBC 6Music and recently received a glowing review in music mag, the NME.

 The 27-year-old guitarist and keyboard player didn’t pick up an instrument until he was 17, when he began playing in a “band” in his friend’s garage in Knottingley. 

Craig, who is a primary school teacher by day, said: “Me and my friends loved the Sterephonics and I remember watching one of their live DVDs. I just thought, “that’s what I want to do”, so I formed a band with my friends before I had even picked up a guitar. We called ourselves a band but we weren’t really. We couldn’t play.”

 After university Craig met fellow bandmate, Laura Kirsop, 26, on an internet music forum and began making music via email, uploading the tracks to MySpace.

Unexpectedly, they began receiving gig offers and accidentally found themselves forming a band. Craig, who lived in Kingsley Avenue, said: “Laura had an MP3 blog that I used to follow and I had seen bands she had been in but we didn’t know each other in real life. 

“I said let’s make a song over the internet so we sent each other some tracks. We never intended to be on a band together, we just thought we would make one song. It was just a collaboration until people were interested.”

 With live shows on the horizon, the pair recruited a third member, Chris Alcock, 25, who taught them how to play their computer-based beats on instruments. Their technological roots however are unlikely to be forgotten given the band’s futuristic name. 

“I read someone grandiosely say they were going to “leave the internet forever” and I liked the phrase,” said Craig. “It’s an interesting concept. In 100 years will people still talk about using the internet? We’re a novelty in that we were friends first over the internet but I think that will become the norm.”

Even though the band has played hip Londonmusic venues like Koko, Craig would love to relive his days playing on stage at The Counting House in Pontefract – the scene of a gig many years ago.

He said: “My friends always say ‘when are you going to play at home?’ I’d love to be offered a gig.”

Visit www.internetfor for the band’s