Miniature: size does matter

Tiny liquids

WHENEVER I go on holiday I get a quiet thrill at the thought of going into the toiletries aisle in Boots to stock up on tiny bottles of products I already own in regular size which, if I had any sense, I could just decant into empty bottles and save myself about £20.My adoration knows no sense: I once paid about four quid for a copy of a well-known sex-rag masquerading as a women’s glossy just so I could get a tiny tube of Lancome mascara.

I’m always reminded on these bi-annual shopping trips of that scene in Scrubs where JD tells Turk he likes to collect miniature items because it makes him feel like a giant.

But I think the simple fact is that – at the risk of sounding sexist – girls in particular find small stuff is just, well, CUTER.

Tiny pup

Take today’s token quirky news story about baby Beyonce the Dachshund puppy who is so tiny she’s actually smaller than an iPhone.

One can only imagine how many hearts across the nation simultaneously broke watching the poor little pup squeak from the inside of a paper coffee cup.

Two weeks old and only three inches long from top to tip the petite pooch is possibly the media darling of the day with reporters everywhere scrambling to see who can come up with the cutest comparison – for me, “she was so small she could fit into a spoon” is a winner, but more so if it’s a teaspoon, which sadly was not specified.

Speaking of small things, I’ve recently discovered that not all babies are awful.

Tiny hand

In recent months I have been rather taken by an adorable six month old baby who at every occasion I can, I snaffle onto my lap.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of infants, but LOOK HOW TINY HER HAND IS IN MY HAND.