Accidentally Incommunicado

I always thought I wasn’t that bothered about my phone. When I go on holiday I love nothing more than leaving it in the hotel room and choosing not to connect to the Wifi.

But yesterday, I accidentally left my phone at home and realised pretty quickly that I depend on it much more than I thought.

Perhaps much of my reactions throughout the day were because I hadn’t chosen to leave my phone at home (I’m not the sort of person that forgets things very often).

Whatever the reason, this is what happened when I accidentally went incommunicado for a day…

11:30 Experience a sinking sense of doom. Audibly groan at the thought of having to do a late shift without being able to text anyone.

11.30 I’ve never forgotten my phone! WTAF!

11:31 Stamp feet in a mini- tantrum.

11:33 Mutter swear words under breath.

11:40 Park the car and hand over keys to the attendant. Reach to get phone out to make a note of parking space number. Realise I will have memorise it instead.

11:42 Wander up the road. Feel bored so decide to check messages. Remember I don’t have phone.

11:43 See about ten people from the same company huddled together on a communal fag break. Think it’s funny so decide to take picture – reach into pocket for phone. Resign self to doing this for the rest of the day.

12:20 Try on some boots in Topshop. Decide to consult Ruth on account of well-documented boot-buying difficulties. Panic-purchase boots in absence of second option. I can take them back.

12:28 What time is it? Oh yeah, I don’t have my phone. Wait, I have a watch! It’s 12:28.

12:29 Think about writing this blog post. Go to make notes in phone. Scrabble around bag for pen and paper.

12:35 Try to check messages again.  Wonder how often I look at phone every day.

12:40 Remember that I need to make a doctor’s appointment. Can’t ring them. And the number’s in my phone.

12:58 Try to check messages. GAH!

13:30: Arrive at work and immediately email Ruth to tell her I don’t have phone.

13:31 Moan loudly to colleagues about lack of phone.

13:43 Remember that I made a Best Offer on eBay and it’s about to expire. Log on via the desktop. It’s been declined and the listing’s ended. ARSE.

13: 54 My hands feel weird. I don’t know what to do with them. Email Ruth again.

14:00 Try to check messages. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

14:20 Remember I owe Ruth £20. No quick and easy app access so log into online banking the “hard” way. Struggle to remember customer number because I’m so used to just entering a six digit pin.

14:26 Hear a text message noise. Assume it’s my phone. It’s not. It’s on the table at home.

14:32 Tweet about lack of phone. Feel a bit cut off from the world.

14:57 Email Emily to inquire about the state of her car following conversation that morning. Receive reply saying, “I texted you about this.”

15:01 Wonder how many messages/notifications I’ll have when I get home.

15:31 See a story about pizza and immediately want to text Lizzie about how great our last Domino’s was.

15:33 Email Ruth again. Send 14 emails to her in total.

16:15 Wonder if I should go home on my break and get my phone. Dismiss idea as ridiculous.

16:18 Check email.

16:37 Hear a text message sound. Assume it’s my phone. It’s not.

17:03 Whine to colleague: “God it’s so annoying not having a phone.”

17:05: Annoy self constantly thinking about phone.

18:00 Go almost an hour without automatically checking for text messages. Congratulate self.

18:09 Think about calling Ewan. Realise I don’t know his number.

19:42 Bemoan fact that everyone has stopped answering emails because they’ve left work.

19:59 Think about updating my Christmas present lists. They’re all on my phone.

20:23 I’m used to not having my phone now. I think.

21:06 Only an hour to go and I’ll have my phone back.

21:48 Wonder if Ewan needs anything from the shop on the way home. Can’t ask. Hope for the best.

22:16 Am reunited with phone. Scroll through messages.

22:19 Check phone again.

22:21 Check phone again.


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