#30days30stories: A Story About A Sound


Jack and Frankie are spooning in bed despite the fact they’ve been having a tiff about something completely ridiculous for the last ten minutes.

Neither of them can remember how the argument actually started but that’s not the point and they both want the last word.

Frankie huffs and moves away from Jack, pulling the duvet around her shoulders.

“Oh come on,” he says.

“Don’t ‘come on’ me,” she snaps, “I’m allowed to be annoyed.”

“OK,” says Jack in that tone that says ‘actually, I think you’re being rather childish’.

Neither of them says anything for around 30 seconds then a faint jingle breaks the silence.

Frankie sits up.

“Did you hear that?”

Jack doesn’t say anything.

“Did you hear that?” Frankie repeats louder.

“Yeah…” says Jack, his eyes closed. “It’s probably something next door.”

She pauses.

“No, it came from in here.”

Jack sighs through his nose in that way that always sounds annoyed but that he claims is because he’s got big nostrils.

“It’s nothing.”

“Why are you brushing this off?” demands Frankie.

“Because it’s just a noise. It’s probably one of your old birthday cards or something.”

“Well it isn’t, because they’re all in a box downstairs,” says Frankie in her ‘I have an explanation for everything’ voice.  

“Well I dunno then.” Jack turns over.  He wants to go to sleep because his girlfriend is being mental.  

Frankie is silent for a moment.

“Is it your secret phone?” she finally asks.

Jack opens his eyes and looks at Frankie like she has completely lost the plot.


“Have you got a secret phone,” she states.

He scoffs, “No…?”

Frankie lies back down.

“Why aren’t you bothered about where it’s coming from then?”

Jack groans and turns over.



The following weekend Frankie goes away with some friends.

She looks at her phone and sees a message from Jack:

“I just heard that weird noise again. Sounded like a kid’s toy or something playing in the upstairs wardrobe?! x”

Frankie replies:

“Is it your secret phone? LOLZ. X”



Two weeks later and Frankie is alone in the bedroom. The only sound is her fingers tapping away on the computer keyboard.

 Then – that noise again. Only this time it’s longer and sounds like the tune of a creepy nursery rhyme.

She looks nervously around the room and notices a pinprick of red light shining through the crack in the door.

Her eyes widen and she rings Jack, who is at his mate’s house.

“Did you just ring the doorbell?” she whispers.

“Why are you whispering?” Jack asks.

“Are you at the door?” she says.

“No I’m with the boys. What’s wrong?”

“That noise, the creepy jingly one we can’t find?”


“It’s the doorbell.”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s a weird little box attached to the wall on the landing, that’s what’s making the noise!”

“So, all this time we’ve been scared of a malfunctioning doorbell?”

“Yeah… I’m still scared though so can you come home?”


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