Brewing up the new wave way

I MAKE no secret of my disdain for the business page.  So in recent weeks, I’ve taken it upon myself to see how far I can push my luck by writing stories about craft cafes and mazes. 

I’m not sure how long I’ll get away with this soft approach and no doubt, my bluff is about to be called and it will be back to writing about recruitment companies, percentages and employment figures.

But until the moment my business savvy is exposed for what it is – limited – I will continue to squirrel in stories about beer and Kraftwerk, as I did this week: 

Photo by JP

THE marriage between beer and music has become a legitimate branding tool for a Whitwood microbrewery.

Revolutions Brewing Company – formed last summer – is looking to the likes of new wave artists such as Kraftwerk and Devo to promote its growing cast of ales.

Co-founders Andrew Helm and Mark Seaman are even pitching their alcohol percentages at same speed as vinyl, boasting a collection of beers at 3.3, 4.5 and 7.8 per cent, alcohol by volume.

Mr Helm, who gave up his job at a transport consultancy to combine his passion for 70s post-punk and beer,  said: “We just felt there was an obvious marriage between music and beer, we were amazed no-one’s done it  before.

“In a sense we’re making it appeal to a slightly younger crowd. Any connection between beer and music before has been with progressive or classic rock.

“The idea came together last summer – that’s when I had the ‘lightbulb moment’ about the speed of records and the percentage of the beers.”

The duo’s new home at Whitwood Enterprise Park will be adding four new brews to their beerography next month, including Ravenscroft Pale Ale, Severin Dark, Devolution Amber Ale and Kraftwerk Braun Ale.

Mr Helm hopes their latest amber nectar will be snapped up by their regular customers, Castleford pubs The Shoulder of Mutton and The Junction.

Mr Helm, 43,  said: “We don’t want to be one of those breweries that changes all the time, we want to be known for a few good core beers.

“The nice thing is that the theme seems to be really resonating with people, but ultimately it’s about the beer – it’s got to be good.”


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